Sandberg Instituut
Graduation Show
14—25 June 2017
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Materialisation in Art and Design
Mio Fujimaki
year of birth: 1987
country of origin: Japan
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Looiersgracht 60
artist statement
Studying temporary material manifestations of invisible powers.

To be honest, I know how to use you, but I don't know much about you. I even don't know where you come from/ But do you think it's really possible to understand me?/ No, I believe not. I mean, I know I cannot. But still, I seek for the feeling of understanding/ I know, There is still a lot to uncover from the things that you thought you know. I'm almost always there around you, and yet you easily see through me, not really seeing me/ That's why I'm talking to you right now. So. How are you?


Through the making process, Mio Fujimaki (JP) understands and connects to the world she finds herself in, navigating by way of discovery, awareness, learning and physical experience. Motivated by a quest for deeper or alternative understanding, she researches the manufacturing processes of ubiquitous products, locating the unknown, the elusive, and the magical qualities hidden in the everyday.

Studying and replicating the spontaneous and temporary material manifestations of invisible powers such as stress fractures in glass, pigment separation in ink and dye discharge in textiles, Fujimaki uncovers unsuspected and time-based patterns. Her audience is invited to share in her process of discovery and unyielding enthusiasm for the unknown.