Sandberg Instituut
Graduation Show
14—25 June 2017
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Materialisation in Art and Design
Julien Manaira
year of birth: 1992
country of origin: France
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Looiersgracht 60
artist statement
Expression through gestures and matter interactions for objects.
Plastic Objects

The 'Plastic Objects' reveal an unexpected approach of the plastic material. The process set up for this project consists in open moulds, in which epoxy resin is casted, layer after layer. Structure and thickness of the objects are formed by the succession of casts combined with the particular positions of the mould in space.

Project supported by Fonds kwadraat and Polyestershoppen

finalizedSelf-standing system - four
Plaster, threaded rod, bolts — 100 x 20 x 100 — May 2016
finalizedSelf-standing system - two
Corrugated polyester sheet, ceramic — 40 x 20 x 183 — May 2016
finalizedSelf-standing system - one
Epoxy resin, Plexiglas — 40 x 20 x 183 — May 2016