Sandberg Instituut
Graduation Show
14—25 June 2017
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Materialisation in Art and Design
Anne Büscher
year of birth: 1991
country of origin: Germany
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Looiersgracht 60
artist statement
Thinking with hands in a borrowed scenery.
moon viewing

The work revolves around the tactile aspects of photography, in which the outcome is not determined by the camera, but by experiments with material, forms and a light sensitive medium. In total darkness I make configurations of found glass objects on photographic paper by leaning and balancing them on each other dependent on my sense of touch. The photograms show marks of the glass pieces and capture different colors through the refraction of light.


My second project titled borrowed scenery is an ensemble of half finished works and found objects. During a research residence in Japan at the end of 2016, I studied how materials are handled in Japanese rituals and festivals and the process by which materials are given value, and explored points of contact with my own creative activities.

working draftphotogram on film
large format color film — 4x5 inch — April 2017
working draftborrowed scenery
mixed media — 200 x 130 x 50 mm — 2017
working draftborrowed scenery
mixed media — 2017